Jul 8, 2014

What counts as Making? Who is a Maker?

I'm a big fan of the Maker movement. I wonder if the message sometimes trends too far to the engineering or technology side of things. When thinking about a Maker space for school I want to be inclusive of as many types of makers as is feasible. Engineering, technology, and occasionally some forms of crafting seem to get the most attention, but what about these?

Is a baker/cook/chef a maker?
Is a graphic artist a maker?
Is a writer a maker?
Is a computer game designer/programmer a maker?
Is a seamstress/seamster/tailor/fashion designer a maker?
Are all artists makers?
Including musical artists/songwriters?
And performance artists?
Even athletes?

Who else is a maker?
Is our space conducive to all?
Do we have the right tools and materials to encourage all kinds of making?
Is it because Making is so often linked to STEM that engineering and technology get the spotlight?
Does changing STEM to STEAM make enough of a difference?


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Hack Your Writing

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You Don’t Need A Makerspace to Be a Maker