Jul 31, 2013

Real Need or An Excuse? Is Less More?

In The Evolution of Education Is Less More?

"There is something to this idea of less is more. For a teacher that can’t prioritize, organize, or integrate, more isn’t helpful or supportive, but rather an endless, wide-open and formless space."

I worry about "there's an app for that" syndrome. Which seems related to the need to constantly move on to the next cool tool.

Similarly I worry about always searching for the next book/article/post/tweet to read, thinking it might have "the" answer.

If we are consumed by consuming those apps or readings, what will we produce ourselves?

I like the idea that if a teacher/facilitator/administrator cannot easily show what they AND their students have created (ideally published on the internet), even if it isn't polished/final, then they are victims of their own mindset. How do we help ourselves distinguish whether it is a real need, just a perceived need, or an excuse for not getting on with the job?