Feb 13, 2011

John Seely Brown: Tinkering as a Mode of Knowledge Production

This video by John Seely Brown discusses many of the elements at the heart of BCS' Engage program.

  • Have to foster the imagination first
  • Create - Reflect - Share
    • sharing - create peer based learning
  • Studio Learning Environment
    • multi age learning community
    • best way to learn something is to teach it - Kids teach each other
    • critique - Need to be open to criticism (from self, peers, and others)
    • work in progress is public
    • critiques are public
  • Tinkering
    • with Information
    • with Knowledge
    • with concrete things
    • networked Tinkering with other people's stuff
    • you have to test what you build
      • authority comes from testing what you build and whether it works and is as good as it could be
    • Allows us to bootstrap our own knowledge
    • maybe - kids identities will come from what they have created AND others have built on
  • Technology
    • enables us to build distributed communities of practice
    • allow you to create and to remix