Oct 14, 2012

Future Ed Tech Conference Direction?

When will Ed Tech conferences move to incorporate more of the content and ethos of a Maker Faire? We need more sessions like Mitch Resnick's precon at BLC. Conference organizers are missing an opportunity to connect the making their presenters already promote (storytelling, videomaking, blogging, community building, textbook creating, etc.) with that of the Maker movement. It would also be a natural connection with inquiry, design thinking, problem-solving, etc.

For now I'll just imagine myself getting invited to a retreat or unconference with Mitch Resnick, Amy Smith, Marco Torres, Dale Dougherty, Gever Tulley, Neil Gershenfeld, Regina Dugan, William Kamkwamba, Paulo Blikstein, and the Raspberry Pi folks. Who else should be invited?

I'll be curious if Will Richardson pushes down this path in the future. Are any of the Usual Suspects of the ed tech conference circuit moving in this direction?


BalancEdTech said...

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: The Maker Movement

When will this push it's way into mainstream conferences? They already have so many other forms of making.

Denise Krebs said...

Oh, may I come?

I would also invite Gary Stager--maker extraordinaire!


BalancEdTech said...

Especially if he discusses his thinking behind his 8 Big Ideas!