Aug 4, 2012

12 Most Genius Questions

Never got the evil DISQUS to work on Angela Maiers' blog and forgot about these 13 (baker's dozen) additional genius questions in response to her post, 12 Most Genius Questions In The World. Having a class or set of teachers complete a Top X list of genius questions would be a good exercise. Then they could compare theirs to Angela's.

  1. Is this interesting?
  2. Why does/doesn't this work?
  3. What does this connect to?
  4. Where might this lead?
  5. What if ...
  6. Is this worthwhile? (Compared to my other options.)
  7. Does this fit my moral compass?
  8. How long will this take? Should this take? Would I like this to take? How much time do I have?
  9. How is it going? How could it be done better?
  10. How do I share this?
  11. How would I teach someone this?
  12. How does this look to others (fortunate/unfortunately depending on how I use it)?
  13. How can we learn from this failure?

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